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Sean lives a harsh but successful life as a criminal in Los Angeles's rough suburbs. He has, in spite of a chaotic and violent childhood, created some order in his life. As long as order is maintained, he - along with his partner in crime Peter - can ensure that his criminal life does not fall apart. But like in any Greek tragedy, things are doomed to go wrong when he one day falls in love with the waitress Lilly. Sean thinks he can bring order to her life too, but the all-consuming heroin addiction can not be tamed so easily.

Regie: Ulrich Thomsen
Run time: 105 min
Sous-titres: Englisch, Spanisch, Französisch, Italienisch, Niederländisch und Deutsch

In Embryo Acteur et Actrice

Ross McCall () Kristen Hager () Ulrich Thomsen () A Martinez () Gareth Williams ()

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